The project is based on the belief that the waste can be turned into a resource to be valorised.

With this vision, the work programme is organised into complementary phases aimed at optimising both the recycling process of the post-consumer material and the production process of the containers.

All the project activities are aimed at obtaining a high quality product, guaranteed as regards food safety and functionality, that could have wide diffusion in the food oil sector. 


The work programme is structured into phases (Work Packages or WP), organically organised:

  • WP1: Management and coordination of the project. The project manager, assisted by a steering committee composed by technical and administrative personnel, coordinates the project activities, verifying the correct progress and the pursuing of the foreseen economic and environmental aims.
  • WP2: Optimising the recycling process. The activities foresee a strict collaboration between the Fabio Mataluni & C. and the certified company in charge of the production of the recycled polymer, in order to define the technical characteristics of the material and optimise the regeneration process taking into consideration the specific requirements of functionality and safety.
  • WP3: Production of the packaging in recycled PET. Starting from post-consumer recycled PET polymer, regerated accorging to the procedures established in WP2, preforms and bottles for edible oils are produced in 100% recycled plastic.
  • WP4: Evaluation of the functionality of the packaging. In the company laboratory and research centre, the containers produced are analitically characterised, in order to evaluate their functionality and the correspondance to the requirements established for the packaging of edible oils.
  • WP5: Evaluation of the safety of the packaging. The safety in the food contact application of the recycled PET bottles is evaluated by means of analytical determinations carried out by the company laboratory, in collaboration with external research organisms.
  • WP6: Business plan. A commercial and marketing plan is developed for the introduction on the market of bottles for edible oil made up of 100% recycled plastic.
  • WP7: Dissemination. The project activities and results are made known through disseminaton material and information events.