January 11th 2013 – From the Green Economy more than 38% steady jobs

A concrete response to the economic crisis and the scarcity of resources. Out of a total of 600,000 permanent jobs, created overall in2011 inthe industry and services sectors, 38% (about 227,000) jobs are "green" ones. The figure that emerges from the Green Economy, organized by Confindustria Benevento in collaboration with Symbola, says a lot about the importance of renegotiating the production system in the country, on a new economic model based on the respect for the environment and the enhancement of resources.

During the conference, held at the Auditorium of the Oleifici Mataluni in Montesarchio (BN), Ermete Realacci, founder of Legambiente and president of Symbola, presented some virtuous cases mentioned in his book "Green Italy".
Business models have succeeded in combining development, law, research, innovation and respect for the environment through the application of principles of sustainability, clean technology and consumer awareness.

Ermete Realacci, President of the Foundation Symbola and author of the book “Green Italy”:
"The green economy is not only a key to relaunch on new and stronger basis our economy, but it is an idea of the future for the economy, society and politics. To address the crisis we need rigor and fairness, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past and as so not to leave anyone alone. But we must also show a way to make our country start again. We can do it if we pursue with conviction the ecological reconversion of our economy, consumption and lifestyles, betting on a green tricolor economy, which combines the knowledge and national vocations. Even today, there is a country that accepts the challenge and connects it to the strength of the made inItaly, quality, territories, social cohesion. That portion of the country that bets on innovation and sustainability, creating jobs. A green Italy in Campania can count on 26,000 companies that have already invested in green technologies and green products, 1,563 of which were in the Province of Benevento. This is the part of the country from which to take such lead".