June 18th 2013 - P.E.T. project, the creative recycling becomes an art

The packaging waste becomes a work of art, within the project “P.E.T. – Participate, Elaborate, Transform”, organized in collaboration with the Art School of Benevento.

The initiative aims to raise awareness in the younger generation on the respect and protection of the planet, through the recovery and development in an artistic point of view of the plastic waste in PET.


Seven works dedicated to recycling and creativity have been made by the students using production residues of PET bottles, preforms and caps. The works have been shown within an exhibit organized at the auditorium of Oleifici Mataluni in Montesarchio (BN), on June 18th 2013.

It was an occasion for presenting the project RE-PACK EDOILS and for presenting, to associations, to children, to students and to their teachers, the potential and the advantages of PET recycling.

“Recycling plastic is not only a gesture of civilization - says Antonella Ambrosone, from the Fabio Mataluni & C. research centre - but also a smart way to give new life to a material that can be turned into a functional object. In Italy, the collection is increasing: currently actively involved in 7,300 municipalities. From 2009 to 2011, in fact, have been taken away 2.9 million tonnes of packaging to landfill, thus avoiding to produce 6.5 million tons of CO2”.