8th November 2013 - The new Made in Italy bottle in 100% recycled PET at the Ecomondo exhibition

The use of recycled plastic in edible oil packaging represents an absolute novelty in Europe: the company Fabio Mataluni & C., specialised in the development and production of edible packagings, together with the Oleifici Mataluni - Olio Dante, is presenting for the first time on the continent the bottle in 100% recycled PET at Ecomondo, the International exhibition for the recovery of material and energy and for sustainable development, scheduled from 6 to 9 November in Rimini. The agro-industrial complex will take part at the event presenting the project “Re-Pack Edoils” (Use of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate to produce packaging for edible oils), with which it has started a production line for the trade on the European market of bottles for edible oils in 100% recycled plastic. It is a “green” innovation, reducing the environmental impact and guaranteeing the consumer maximum safety and quality. The intervention of the CRIOL researchers - Research Centre of the Oleifici Mataluni is part of the conference "Waste. The innovative aspects in industrial research and management at various regional levels".
"The use of recycled PET rather than virgin PET - says Antonella Ambrosone, researcher at the Division of Plastic Packaging within the Research Center of the Oleifici Mataluni - leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions, given by the lower use of non-renewable petroleum resources, which are currently the main sources for the synthesis of such plastic. Moreover, the good processability of the polymer enables high quality production, without penalizing the speed of the process compared to virgin PET bottles".
In this way, the company based in Montesarchio (Benevento) has managed to combine an ecological value with an economic advantage, resulting in the reduction of the amount of the used product and with the use of recycled materials. It also acquires important elements of competitiveness, extending the range of use of recycled plastic, currently limited to only a few sectors (water and non-food). According to a recent study of LCA, producing 1000 kg of recycled PET rather than virgin PET means saving 48 million BTUs of energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 3,000 pounds.
"The bottles are not currently on the Italian market - explains Alfonsina Migliozzi, project manager - since our law does not allow yet the use of recycled plastic for contact with oil. Soon, however, we think that this situation will change in a positive way. In other European countries, instead, the regulatory framework is different, and recycled PET in various amounts is used in the packaging of edible oils".
After being presented at the 11th Sodalitas Social Awards, at the "Secure - QSA 2013", and at Anuga 2013, the project "Re-Pack Edoils" - funded by the European Commission in the CIP Eco-Innovation - arrives at Ecomondo, one of the largest platforms in the basin of southern Europe and of the Mediterranean, dealing with innovation and Green Economy. In the last edition it was attended by 1,200 companies and over 84,000 visitors.
The Research Center of the Oleifici Mataluni has been engaged for more than ten years in projects for the development of innovative packaging materials and oil production, activating collaborations and partnerships with the best universities in Italy.
The Sannita company represents one of the most important agro-industrial complexes in the world and owns 23 historic Italian labels, including Dante, Topazio, Olita, OiO and Vero.