13rd December 2013 - Research and innovation, the Cluster Award "Best in Show" goes to Oleifici Mataluni

Couldn’t have ended better the participation of the Oleifici Mataluni - Olio Dante to the first edition of Smau Roadshow in Naples, the event dedicated to innovation and digital technologies for companies, held on 12 and 13 December at the Oltremare Exhibition in Naples: the Sanniti company has been awarded the Cluster Award "Best in Show" in the category "Health, biotechnology and agribusiness", recognition reserved for the best laboratories and research centers at the fair. The agro-industrial complex took part in the event as a partner of the District of High Technology in the areas of Health and Biotechnology "Campania Bioscience", along with 46 other companies, 7 research organisations and 3 structures for technology transfer. read more
"We believe - says Biagio Mataluni, President of the Oleifici Mataluni-Olio Dante - that innovation is the engine of growth and such opportunities show us that the direction we have taken is right. Doing business also means having the ability to anticipate change and the needs of the market, continuously innovating our products and services. With the District, we have also the possibility to create a new way of networking between actors of different types, which can draw together modern sustainable development paths".
The Olefici Mataluni received the award for developing the new eco-friendly packaging for edible oils in 100% recycled PET, a novelty in Europe. The bottle made from recycled plastic, which reduces environmental impact and provides the consumer with the highest safety and quality, was produced as part of the project "Re-Pack Edoils. Use of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate to produce packaging for edible oils", funded by the European Commission within the CIP Eco-Innovation.
During the event, for the Oleifici Mataluni spotlights even on the field of "nutraceuticals", the discipline that - halfway between "nutrition" and "pharmaceutics" - studies foods with beneficial effects on human health. And in reference to this line of research that Oleifici Mataluni are partners of the District "Campania Bioscience".
Already in 2012, the agro-industrial complex of Montesarchio (BN ) launched Dante Condisano, extra virgin olive oil enriched with vitamin D, essential for bone health. It was devised by CRIOL - Research Center of Oleifici Mataluni, in collaboration with the Department of Endocrinology and Molecular and Clinical Oncology, and the 

Department of Food Science, University of Naples Federico II. Vitamin D is very soluble and, given the difficulty in in taking the daily requirement through our diet, an ideal solution to supply it to our body is definitely represented by olive oil, prince seasoning of the Mediterranean Diet.
The CRIOL - Research Center of Oleifici Mataluni has been engaged for more than ten years in projects for the development of the oil sector and innovative packaging, enabling collaboration and partnerships with the best universities in Italian.
The company based in Montesarchio (BN) is one of the most important agro-industrial complexes in the world and owns 23 historic Italian labels, including Dante, Olita , Topazio, OiO and Vero.