Aim of the project RE-PACK EDOILS is the use of post-consumer recycled PET for the production of preforms and bottles in different colours to be used in the packaging of edible oils, in particular seed oils and enriched seed oils (for example vitaminised oils). To this aim, recycled PET will be used resulting from the differentiated disposal of bottles already used for the food packaging, carefully selected and processed by means of a certified regeneration process, allowing to restore the initial conditions of functionality and safety of the material.

The use of recycled PET instead of virgin PET, obtained from fossil sources, involves a reduction of the emissions and of the use of non-renewable resources, such as petrol and natural gas.  

In particular, the project is intended to reach the following targets, with both economic and environmental advantages:

  • promote the recovery and the recycling of PET bottles intended for food contact, making the wastes a resource to be valorised;
  • extend the potential application of recycled PET, to be re-introduced in the economic cycle, in the form of high-quality products (preforms and bottles for the food packaging);
  • define work protocols that could assure the safety and the security of the packaging made up of recycled PET, by means of analysing the relations between the PET used, its processability and the functional properties of the products obtained.