Project progress


The Fabio Mataluni & C. successfully concluded  the main activities of the project, defining the technical characteristics of the recycled material, selecting the recycling process and producing up to 100% recycled preforms and PET bottles.


      • WP1: Management and coordination of the project. The project manager, assisted by a steering committee consisting of technical and administrative staff, coordinated the project activities, checked the correct progress and the pursuit of the economic and environmental objectives set.


      • WP2:  Optimising the recycling process. The specifications of the recycled material to be used for the production of edible oils bottles were defined.  The technology VACUREMA Prime® was selected for the production of R-PET polymer. Before  preforms production a test was made on the compliance to the set specifications of the R-PET polymer purchased from selected suppliers.  



      • WP3: Production of the packaging in recycled PET. Preforms and bottles for edible oil in up to 100%. recycled plastic were made. To read the technical reports  on the preforms and bottles in R-PET (3 colours) refer to: Deliverable 3.6 and Deliverable 3.7

      • WP4: Evaluation of the functionality of the packaging. In the laboratory and company research centre, the created packagings were analytically characterized, to evaluate their functionality and compliance with specific requirements for the packaging of edible oils. The technical report on the inspections carried out on preforms, bottles and on shelf-life tests  can be read here: deliverable 4.1, deliverable 4.2 and deliverable 4.3.

      • WP5: Evaluation of the safety of the packaging. The safety in food use of all products made from recycled PET was assessed by analytical determinations performed by the company’s  laboratory in collaboration with external laboratories and research institutes. The technical report on the migration test carried out is available here: deliverable 5.2.

      • WP6: Business plan. A business plan for market introduction of bottles for edible oil made up to 100% recycled plastic was made. Preforms for the Italian market of seed and frying oils were traded.