The company

The Fabio Mataluni & C. is a society with its premises in Montesarchio (BN, Italy), initially operating in the sector of services for agro-industrial businesses. In 1998 it was turned into a company dedicated to the production and packaging of edible oils. For many years the company has been active in the packaging of vegetable oil in plastic materials, during this time it has progressively implemented various phases in the process of packaging production. Nowadays, the production of packaging for edible oils is its leading activity.

Currently Fabio Mataluni & C. has 6 lines for the production of PET preforms (transformed later into bottles directly on the packaging lines) and 3 lines for the production of caps, starting from the polymer granules.

The Fabio Mataluni & C. has also a Packaging Printing Centre with 3 lines, for the production of self-adhesive labels, sleeve labels, shrink film and corrugated cardboards for edible oil packaging.

The processes, completely automated, are monitored by the constant supervision of Quality Control technicians. The items produced undergo analytical tests in the company laboratory, to ensure their functionality and suitability to food contact.

In collaboration with the Department of Chemical and Food Engineering of University of Salerno (Italy), the company has implemented a research centre for the development of innovative plastic packaging for edible oils.

The quality control laboratory and the research centre are equipped for the physical-mechanical, rheological and thermal characterization of plastic packaging, with highly qualified personnel, allowing to carry out the main mechanical and chemical-physical tests on materials.



Fabio Mataluni & C. srl - Production lines of PET preforms